What we do at Lifeline Children & Family Services

Lifeline recruits, orients, trains and supports foster families who develop their capacities to provide a nurturing and structured environment for children and youth, pending their return home, adoption or transition into independent living.

We practice serious stewardship, the key to efficient accomplishment of our mission and goals.

We are committed to performance that is consistent with the highest standards of moral and ethical principals.

We value and develop mutually respectful relationships throughout the agency.

Highest standard of competence, professionalism is expected of all staff, foster families & volunteers.

The Outcome is a Priority for our Clients

Reunification & Family Group Decision Making
  • We believe that the best outcome for any family is to remain as a healthy single unit. Utilizing Family Group Decision Making, we earnestly strive for this outcome first before attempting other options.
  • When reunification is not possible, preparing the youth for a new permanent family becomes our goal. This provides a long-term, stable and nurturing environment for the child, allowing him or her to fulfill his utmost potential.
Mentor for Independent Living
  • For the children who are not adopted before age 18, our charge is to prepare them for life as an adult. We identify and provide support and training for mentors who make a firm commitment to helping youth make a transition into independence.