Kids need and use playing as their means of taking stock of their thoughts and emotions. Play that is child-initiated, child-controlled, and open-ended allows and encourages children to process information and to make sense of their world. Any toys and games that help facilitate this mode of play for our children is a blessing. 


Whether it be a boy or a girl bicycles are universally appreciated and enjoyed by everyone. Here at Lifeline CFS we encourage our kids to get involved with physical activities that help develop their mind, body and soul. Bikes have been year in and year out our number one requested item for kids of all ages.

School Supplies

School supplies are essential for every age. Having the right school supplies is the first step in doing well in school. Also quality study materials can highly affect the kids’ learning process. Items like binders, folders, notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers and even calculators are a few examples of school supplies that our children here at Lifeline CFS could really benefit from.

Bedroom Supplies

Our bedrooms are one of the few spots in a home we can call entirely ours. One common challenge that many foster kids face is deciding how to integrate their individual possessions and preferences into a shared space where they can feel “at home”, meeting both their practical and psychological needs. 

Touching a life, can change a destiny.

Items needed to serve children and youth in substitute care.

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