Family Group Decision Making

Supported by experienced professionals and effective resources, we employ the Family Group Decision Making process to encourage all involved parties to craft a plan to meet both the child’s and family’s needs. We believe this is the best way to achieve an opportunity for permanency with the family.

Periodic Planning and Progress Reporting

Lifeline conducts a thorough assessment of children at intake and develops a plan of service for each child that is reviewed and revised quarterly by the entire treatment team, including the child, foster parent(s), referring agency and treatment staff of Lifeline.

Achievement and Reporting of Permanency Outcomes

To monitor and improve the quality of services, Lifeline tracks and reports the outcomes from the goals set in the plans of service.

What to Expect with a Lifeline Placement

Lifeline strives to do as much as possible to lighten the burden of the placing agency. Therefore, we will be flexible and accommodating so long as the quality of the services is not compromised. Our staff will arrange meetings, provide transportation, provide unscheduled reports and services, and attend planning meetings, etc. over and above the basic offering of child-placing services. The staff of Lifeline will perform duties professionally and competently, as scheduled, and with integrity.

We solicit feedback with regard to performance. Please notify the Executive Director immediately with complaints (or compliments).