Lifeline is a child-placing agency offering services to the children who are in need of substitute care. This usually occurs when the birth parents are unable or unwilling to provide adequate care. Our mission is to find permanent homes for these youth and prepare them to become responsible citizens. Did you know you can be part of that mission? We are always looking for mentors who are willing to open their home to a child and help direct their future. More about LifeLine»

Staggering Statistics

» Did you know that over 45% of the United States homeless population came from the foster care system?

» In 2001, there were over 900,000 substantiated cases of neglect and abuse in the United States.

Facts about Children and Foster Care
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LifeLine News & Updates

Seeking Foster Parents! Lifeline is always looking for individuals and families who are willing to give a child the home they deserve.

You can download an application, send us an email, or call us at 903.872.7700 with any questions. Read More»
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